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Dr. Parmley, I want to thank you for the professional way you handled my hearing issues.  You counseled me in selecting the right hearing aids and fit them to my needs. Now I can hear words correctly when people are speaking to me and enjoy music as I did before my hearing loss.  I am so grateful to be able to enjoy all the wonderful sounds of life.   I find I am again relaxed while engaging in conversation with family and friends.  (All this said from the one who thought she didn’t need hearing aids.)

Your service is outstanding in the maintaining of the hearing aids to the standard of first day perfection and I appreciate the personal time you have spent with me to explain how these remarkable state-of-the-art devices function.

Alicia Wilson

When you discover that your 13 year old child has sudden, severe hearing loss it can be very traumatic. Dr. Parmley went above and beyond to help our family find answers to why she had the loss and to help our daughter so that she didn’t miss a beat in school or in athletics. She took time to develop a bond and connection with our daughter and to make her feel confident even with hearing aids. She is thriving today and we owe it all to her wonderful care! My daughter considers Dr. Parmley one of her friends!   We truly believe that she is the best audiologist out there and would recommend her to anyone!

The Roop Family

Before consulting with Dr. Parmley, I had tried hearing aids but my experience had been disappointing.  She offered me the opportunity to become one of the early-adopters of the Starkey Halo system and my experience has been very positive.  The Halo system pairs with my iPhone and streams phone calls directly to my hearing aids, and also allows streaming music from the iPhone, or iPad, directly to the hearing aids.  The TruLink app for the iPhone provides full control over hearing aid features such as volume, special program selection, personally customizable settings, and even automatic program switching based on geo-location features of the iPhone.  Most importantly however, the hearing improvement provided by the Halo system has been extraordinary.  Dr. Parmley is a very knowledgeable and helpful partner and has contributed a great deal to improving my quality of life through the use of these sophisticated, but simple to use, hearing aids.

Tim Piper

Dr. Capobianco has been wonderful in helping us cope with our child having a hearing loss. She has taken so much of her time to explain the hearing loss and the implications that could effect our child in school. Thank you for the great service and we look forward to working with you in the future!


I had a great experience working with Dr. Capobianco. She spent so much time working with my elderly mother making sure she understood her hearing loss and answering all questions. 


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